A beautiful marriage that resulted in creating a beautiful baby Trisha, laid the  foundation of establishing TAD, named after their daughter(Trisha Aditya Dalmia). A leading brand of designer semi precious and costume jewellery. Husband and wife duo Ameesha and Aditya Dalmia came together and created magic. Her passion and natural flair for designing and fashion combined with his business acumen and management skills has seen TAD grow and develop into a name in Jewelry to reckon with since its inception in 2006.                                                                                    

TAD is a fusion of Indian ethnic and contemporary styles designed for the stunning, progressive and empowered women of today who love being noticed and have a very individual sense of style. TAD’s USP is it’s unique sophisticated and bold designs, premium quality and affordability.

Ameesha dalmia : With a degree in Economics and years of experience in the travel industry, she finally found her calling with TAD. Her creativity, sense of style along with a keen eye for detail made her the natural choice to Head the Design Team at TAD. Her leadership has seen TAD use various metals and semi precious Stones to create bold, sophisticated and vibrant masterpieces.

Aditya Dalmia: He is the driving force that has made TAD grow from a niche designer brand to an international brand with its presence across India, USA, UK, Dubai, Indonesia, Singapore, Ecuador,etc  His experience in running a business for over 25 years has seen TAD evolve over the years.

Today TAD has its presence in many multi designer stores in India and they also have their presence in various international markets. Based out of Mumbai they have their flagship store at Hughes Road.